Hot WING Sauce is the new wing sauce for the modern-day food-lover!

A new way to enjoy the old school chicken wing!

With all respect to Buffalo, we've learned a lot about flavor profiles since the popular chicken wings first appeared in the 60s.

And though the relatively simple (for the time) preparation is long part of the dish's charm, we have since learned, as an ever-growing food culture over the last 5-plus decades, about flavors, and how to layer and balance them, with a now worldwide source of culinary influences.

Cheeseboro Kitchens' Hot Wing Sauce is not yet another of now hundreds of only slightly different versions of what the consensus may or may not be on the original Buffalo"-style" recipe — it is a a just as accessible and even familiar step forward to the present, picking influences from southern soul food kitchens and from Asian street food markets.


Bring the hot chicken wing-eating experience to new heights of delicious enjoyment.


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