A sweet, homey splash of fun!

"Whatever savory foods can do, sweet foods can do (better?)...!"

Inspired by the youngest of a family of creative home kitchens cooks, Cheeseboro Kitchens has dreamed up a sweets application of a "gravy" that will compliment an endless number of possible desserts.

Besides being, of course, sweet, Cheeseboro Kitchens' Dessert Gravys differ from your far more common dessert toppings and sauces not be having a slightly richer yet less sugary body, but each old school flavor is hinted with a less expected yet perfectly balanced, complimentary taste.


Sweet and tart cherries get a bit of bite from white balsamic vinegar. Chocolate is made comfy with cinnamon and nutmeg. Blueberries get brightened by lemon, yet kicky with black pepper. And so on.

We are very excited to introduce this product to our own cupboards, and to your cupboards as well.


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