Old Is New Again

Classics are classics because they stand the test of time never having to change. This holds especially true for many cherished foods and dishes. But us creative types are always looking to switch things up.

CHEESEBORO KITCHENS likes to take iconic flavors and recipe notions and reimagine them while keeping the taste and qualities that make these dishes so well loved to begin with.

And growing up in NYC — and enjoying the many cultural varieties of cuisine this great city has to offer — the "reimagining" possibilities are limited only by the scope of my own imagination.

Generation To Generation

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from my father was during one of the many times I stood by him in the kitchen while we were cooking. I was young and wanted to copy everything he did. When I asked how much of a particular ingredient I was supposed to add, he asked how much did I want in the dish. I answered however much he put in, since I wanted to make his dish.

He responded sagely, "I don't want you to learn how to make my food; I want you to learn and want to make your food."

I've pursued personal epicurean creativity ever since that moment, and have appreciated it in and from others as well.


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