Lobster Roll

Fresh Lobster, Grilled Corn, Fresh Tarragon,  Dressing of Clarified Butter, Grain Mustard, Mayonnaise, Lobster Roe, on a Rendered Bacon Fat-Toasted Brioche Hot Dog Bun

Since this iteration of my food blog is relatively new, there were a handful of dishes I either tried or made that didn't initially get published here, due to time constraints. This Cheeseboro Kitchens version of a lobster roll is one of them. Yes, An original creation, it's a recipe I've had rolling around in my head since last summer, but didn't give myself the time to execute until this past summer.

Here, lobster knuckle, claw, and tail meat get gently tossed in a dressing of clarified butter, grain mustard, mayo, and fresh tarragon—just enough to lightly coat it. I spoon an ample amount into a potato bun grill-toasted with rendered bacon fat I then add grilled sweet corn kernels, and decide as well to not let the roe from the female lobster go to waste and add some to the top of the whole shebang.

Although it's now December—and enjoyably so—it never stops from looking back in great appreciation for meals past. They are gifts that keep on giving.