Sliced Baked Ham and Fig Jam Sandwich, with Scallions, Grain Mustard Mayo


It seems a majority of recipes of what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers are turkey-centric—many involving sandwiches. An ever-increasing number of other recipes feature leftover stuffing.

I happened to have some leftover baked ham, that I had some delicious fun with, rubbing down some thick ham slices with brown sugar, salt, pepper, and ground cloves, then grilling the ham in a cast iron skillet. 

Those slices then got placed in a toasted roll on top of some fig jam and chopped scallions, and were beautifully complimented by a homemade spread of grain mustard mayo.

I know Thanksgiving is the turkey's one time a year to shine, being otherwise relegated to plain old sandwiches. Well, this T-Day—with what I'm now calling my KAC Ham & Jam Sammie—I am only happy to bring some long overdue love back to the ham sandwich.