LASAGNA 'N' CHEESE | Baked Lasagna Casserole with Ricotta, Fontina, Provolone, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Smoked Mozzarella Cheeses

Often, as I've expressed before, an idea pops into my head and takes root until I do something bout it. So became the case recently as I've continued to be amused by how many macaroni & cheese dishes no longer use actual macaroni pasta.

The term macaroni has become nebulous, no longer describing a particular type of pasta, but now a general idea of a common dish. Same goes for the term lasagna that, although still particular to a specific pasta type, has has long been used to describing the singular genre of baked casserole, almost always involving a tomato-based sauce, and often with other meats and/or vegetables.

So, in my never-ending habit of trying to be clever, I decided that if any pasta can now be used in macaroni & cheese, why not use lasagna? At the same time, i'll be able to broaden the perception of what a lasagna dish is.

So starting with a béchamel I made casserole using traditional lasagna sheets and incorporating several Italian cheeses—ricotta, parmesan, provolone, fontina, mozzarella, and smoked mozzarella—adding only minced garlic, olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper.


40 minutes in the oven later—voila!—lasagna 'n' cheese.

Always preferring a more set pasta and cheese dish, the lasagna turn out successfully gooey as well, with a lovely aromatic cheesy sauce, and with perfectly slightly charred crispy edges of fried cheese(s) and al dente pasta.

This was supposed to be a trial run, but I think I've got a winner on the first time out. This will now be added to the "repertoire".