KAC BREAKFAST SANDWICH | Fried Egg on Toasted Onion Roll with Mortadella and Smoked Gouda

As much as I love the "simple things" when it comes to food, I am just as likely to take a simple thing and want to "spruce it up".

As was the case just the other morning, as I couldn't leave my morning lifelong favorite bologna, egg & cheese sandwich well enough alone, and decided to swap out pedestrian bologna with pork fat-speckled mortadella, to upgrade my American cheese with smoked gouda, and to sandwich all that and a hard-fried egg inside a mayo-toasted onion roll.


The heat from the hot fried egg and toasted roll are just enough to melt the slightly thicker slice of cheese and release it's smoky, creamy, and robustly milder taste and aroma, as well as render the pork fat in the almost shaved slices of porky mortadella, rounding out the entire sandwich's flavors in every wonderfully textured bite.

And it does that all while remaining immediately reminiscent of all the happy mornings of my youth, the restorative mornings of my early adulthood, and the comfort food evocations of my present-day leanings.