Glazed Cod over Couscous

Broiled Cod Filet Glazed with Soy Sauce, Pop Sauce™, Brown Sugar

Couscous with Red Peppers, Grapes, Fresh Cilantro 

What we at Cheeseboro Kitchens find as much fun as discovering what new meals and foods we can put our own Pop Sauce™ directly, are the even greater number of ways we can use it as an ingredient in particular dishes.

So a quality filet of cod — from our favorite local fishery Dorian's Seafood Market — was liberally brushed with a marinade of soy sauce, Pop Sauce, brown sugar, and ground white pepper.

That cod filet was placed in a pan and placed under the broiler, brushed and flipped every minute for a total of 10 minutes before being removed from heat.

The now sticky-glazed was placed on top of a(n adundant) serving of couscous, cooked with diced red pepper and fluffed with diced white grapes and fresh cilantro.

The cod was juicy, characteristically flaky and firm, and the cold, Arctic water freshness of the Dorian's Seafood Market cod let the fish's inherent subtle sweetness stand out yet also feature the slightly spicy, earthy, sweet, and smoky glaze that helped seal in the filet's moisture.  

Enough moisture, in fact, to accentuate and compliment the texture of the couscous, accentuated by kick or red pepper, sweetness of grape, and earthiness of cilantro.

As we've heard happy Pop Sauce customers tell us how they as well have used their Pop Sauce as an ingredient — in a soup or broth, or in a vinaigrette or dressing, or in a dipping sauce or spread — maybe we need to start also asking "What will you put your Pop Sauce in?"

DORIAN'S SEAFOOD MARKET is located at 1580 York Avenue, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC. They are one of the exclusive sellers of Pop Sauce.