Steak Burger & Fries

Ground Sirloin Patty pan-seared and basted in Butter with Garlic and Fresh Thyme 

Roasted Potato Fries with Rosemary, Cardamom, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

While I've been laid up with a hip injury these last few weeks, I've been grateful for friends who have delivered, directly to me, necessities for the home, including, most importantly, the kitchen.

One of those kitchen "necessities" was a Chateaubriand steak, which I cooked, classically, by searing the sides, basting in the same pan with butter infused with fresh garlic and fresh thyme, then finishing in the oven, basting every two minutes.

It was my first Chateaubriand — and a huge success at that — the flavor combination being so memorable, that when a friend more recently brought me some ground sirloin (by request), I risked my well-being to go out to grab some fresh thyme, and executed the same technique cooking a ground sirloin burger in a pan, basting it with the same garlic- and thyme-infused pan-heated butter.

Happy to enjoy the same aromatics, once done, I placed the burger — cooked to medium rare — on a toasted roll bottom, spooning a generous amount of the pan liquid over the top, and served with sliced, skin-on potatoes, boiled, then finished in a hot over with olive oil, cardamom, rosemary, and Himamalayan pink sea salt (and a service of our own Pop Sauce™).

A wonderfully (and newly) familiar joy experienced, eating the burger with a steak knife and fork, with the lovely aromatics wafting through my nose while my palate enjoyed the many balanced flavors with each bite. 

Steak is best when executed expertly, yet humbly. This burger proves that even in humble burger form, steak can still be the king of proteins.