Pork 'n' Grits

Roast Pork (dry-rubbed with Pig Sand™), Grits with Scallions, Poached Egg

As we prepare to go to market with new products throughout 2017, we of course keep diligently "test-kitchen" these new products as often and as creatively as possible.

Such was recently the case as we took a 3.5-pound pork butt roast, brushed it with yellow mustard and soy sauce, and moderately sprinkled the whole roast with our own Pig Sand.

That roast then went into a 200ºF oven and slow-roasted for 5 hours, the last 15 minutes at 300º.

A beautifully crispy, crackling skin housed juicy, aromatic, and deeply flavorful pork meat. Sliced, it made for an even better, novel addition on top of long-cooked grits with scallions, with a few spoonfuls of pan drippings with its own jus, and capped off with a poached egg.

As is the Cheeseboro Kitchens culinary ideology, the dish employs very familiar flavors in a new iteration that still, flavor-wise, fully realized, balanced, and almost modern, while remaining comfortingly evocative of the dishes of home.