Sweet Potato Galette with Black Plums

Sweet Potato Ricotta Almond Paste Purée, Orange Juice-Soaked Black Plums, Puff Pastry

The drop in temperatures and turning of the color of the leaves of the trees makes many wistful for long walks in comfy sweaters that signal autumn. It also harkens to comfy meals that remind people of home and family gatherings.

Sweet potatoes will start appearing on tabletops on a very frequent basis  appearing as both dinner sides and in desserts. I came up with the idea of making a galette of baked sliced sweet potatoes, drizzled with butter melted with brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and ground cloves, layered over a purée of sweet potato, ricotta cheese, almond paste, and orange juice, and topped with sliced black plums soaked in orange juice.

All that nestled nicely into a puff pastry, folded in on the edges, and baked in the oven.

A welcome confluence of familiar tastes and aromas were elevated by an airy light, buttery, flaky crust, the dichotomy of texture between the crisp, caramelized edges of the sliced sweet potato and the creamy, pillowy smoothness of the purée.

Having the oven on to make this — it still being a humid 77°F outside — required me to turn on my air conditioner to combat the sweating it's easy to do in my apartment. It's not officially fall yet, but it was for me spiritually as enjoyed the first corner of the new seasonal staple.