Mint Ginger Wasabi Thai-Style Iced Tea

Last week, upon discovering how similar the spices were for Thai-styled and seasonally "pumpkin-spiced" beverages, I came up with my own version using a selection of the few spices that differed between the two (mainly cardamom and black pepper, adding cayenne for my own measure), to come up with my own version.

But that wasn't enough "out-of-the-box" thinking for me. So I switched up the primary ingredient, the tea, from regular tea to mint, steeped it with ginger powder, then slowly stirred in sweetened milk adding about a tablespoon's worth of powdered wasabi as I did so.

Once properly chilled, it wrapped deliciously around ice cubes, dusted with an extra pinch of ginger, and brought balanced layers of sweet, floral, savory, and the finishing creamy spicy heat of wasabi.

For me, this is the way to go Thai iced tea for the foreseeable future.