Raw Tuna Fried Rice

Soy Sauce-Marinated Raw Yellowfin Tuna, Rice, Bacon, Snow Peas, Egg, Crispy-Fried Serrano Chilis

A holiday weekend sale at the local Fairway saw prices for usually expensive items to drop noticeably. From ribs and steaks to lobsters and almost all the fish.

It being summer, when my appetites seem to turn to fish more often, I spotted some beautiful yellowfin tuna steaks I was long overdue to enjoy.

Also with it being summer, I decided I didn't want to heat/cook the fish — the smell lingers in my very small Manhattan apartment for a couple of days — I would do a raw tuna application for a dish.

So I decided on a pan-fried rice dish, stirring cooked rice into a hot skillet with oil from rendered cubes of bacon, to which i sequentially added snow peas, then scrambled eggs.

As soon as the eggs were cooked through, I removed the pan from the heat, tossed in the raw large-diced yellowfin tuna steak — having marinated in soy sauce — giving the rice one final stir before spooning onto a plate and topping with sliced serrano chilis dredged in peppered flour and crispy fried.