Eggs Ursula

Grilled Octopus over Poached Egg Yolk on Toasted Baguette with Grain Mustard, topped with Red Lumpfish Caviar and Chive

For quite some time you can't think of weekend brunch without thinking of some iteration of eggs Benedict. But even new iterations quickly seem old and staid.

Not one to walk away from a challenge, I tapped my creative juices to come up with my own version. Grilled octopus became my main protein, and I continued the seafood theme topping it with some red lumpfish caviar, replacing the traditional hollandaise as the second egg-based element. That all sat on poached egg yolks, resting and toasted baguette slices smeared with grain mustard, evocative of the ocean floor.

Briny, eggy, aromatic, acidic, slightly heady and bold, but all-comforting, this was yet another fun new way to enjoy an old favorite classic.