Scallop Tartare

Wasabi Pea Purée, Carrot-Ginger Oil, Red Lumpfish Caviar, Black Sesame Cracker

The Cheeseboro Kitchen "doctrine", if you will, is about taking tastes, flavors, dishes I grew up with, and re-appropriating them into modern culinary iterations. So far most of the posts involve the southern-realized dishes my South Carolina-raised father spoiled me with.

But Growing up in New York City, I was also , from a very young age, exposed to foods from a wide variety of cultures.

So I recently decided to use one of those influences for a brand new dish, taking a tartare, using bay scallops (lightly dressed with lemon juice, grain mustard, and fish sauce) instead salmon or tuna, surrounding it with a purée of green pea and wasabi, dotting that purée with freshly made carrot-ginger oil, and topping it with red lumpfish caviar and a cracker made with hand-ground black sesame seeds (with soy sauce and rendered bacon fat).

I can comfortably pat myself on the back for finding a way to turn the more common and pedestrian wasabi peas and carrot ginger dressings of my lifetime city dining lifestyle, into a dish I would want to put on a fine dining restaurant's menu.