Short Rib Chowder

with Potato, Turnip, Fresh Tarragon

The May weather has so far made it feel more like March, and as there has returned a slight chill to the days, I was reminded that I hadn't made a soup in quite some time.

No longer quite thick soup season, and just coming into summer grilling season, I sourced from both culinary seasons, devising a recipe for a soothing, creamy chowder, featuring the depth tnder, juicy, flavorful short ribs.

Knowing I would use potatoes, as a new fun habit I asked my Facebook friends for some suggestions of one other major ingredient I could add. Hearing lots of great ideas, the recommendation of adding a root vegetable — specifically turnip — piqued my interest, forcing me to run out to the local supermarket to pick one up, dice it and add it to the chowder as it slowly cooked on my stovetop.

Finishing the pot with some ripped fresh tarragon, I spooned the final product into a bowl, adding a dusting of red pepper flakes on top.

A total of 90 minutes later, the short ribs had already separated themselves from the bones they originally went into the pot attached to, eating so tender they render easily apart with only the slightest pressure from a spoon. The potatoes had released enough starch to add body to the starter beef broth, and turnips doubled the texture while adding earthy body and layered aromatics. And fresh tarragon complimented the short ribs' natural sweetness with its own more floral version.

Both a palate-pleaser and a tummy-sticker, with the help of a friend, I've come up with a new chowder to add to my mental recipe Rolodex.