Beef & Bacon Meatloaf

Ground Beef & Bacon Mix Meatloaf with Onions, Pop Sauce, Slab Bacon

So impressed was I with the ground beef and bacon mix from new -on-the-Upper East Side butcher's Fleisher's that I had to return two days later to pick up more for a meatloaf I wanted to make for the weekend.

Wanting to respect both proteins — the highest of locally sourced quality as is Fleisher's ideology and practice — I added nothing more to the meatloaf mix than egg, milk, salt, pepper, onion, and a touch of our very own Pop Sauce. The mix was then molded into a cake pan, top-layered with Fleisher's own fresh;y sliced pork bacon, and brushed with a glaze made from a bit more Pop Sauce mixed with brown sugar.

The beef's naturally sweet earthiness again — as with the burger I made earlier in the week — is a welcome compliment to the bacon's slight saltiness and unique aromatic. The added smokiness from the crisped, glazed, slightly charred, thick cut bacon on top (as well as the treat of Pop Sauce's many balancing qualities of savory, salty, sweet, smoky, and spicy) rounded out the whole, joyful eating experience.

And as with any good meatloaf, if there happens to be any leftover (which luckily there is in an apartment I live in by myself), a slice reheated in the over makes for a great. novel, delicious base for a morning egg sandwich.