Pig Sand™ Dry-Rubbed Pork Chop

Scrambled Eggs, Smashed Roasted Crispy-Skinned Fingerling Potatoes

Cheeseboro Kitchens, yes, started by selling its immediately popular Pop Sauce™, but was almost meant to introduce a growing number of ways food-lovers of all stripes could enhance their cooking, their eating, and their overall appreciation of the dining experience

With Pop Sauce already to market, we've been preparing a delightful new and unique sauce called Chicken Drizzl, a seasoned vinegared honey condiment — that we expect to make available by the end of January 2017 — that is made expressly for fried chicken.

And not shortly after that, we plan to start selling Pig Sand™, a signature dry blend of seasonings and spices that is designed to enhance any pork dish.

Of course, half the fun of creating a new product is testing it out in the kitchen, as was done recently by dry-rubbing a quality pork chop (from venerable New York City butchers Schaller & Weber) with some Pig Sand, and serving it with scrambled eggs, and some fingerling potatoes that were par-boiled, pan-sautéed, "smashed", then finished in the oven.

The perfectly balanced 13 spices and seasonings make for, first of all, a great sear on the fat of the chop edge, seals in and flavors the pork's natural juices, and responds quite admirably with aromatics when put to heat.

And the potato and eggs proved delectable as well, especially accented by some drops of our own Pop Sauce. 

Here's hoping more of our products make it into your cupboards next year!