Beef & Bacon Mix Burger

with Smoked Gouda, Savory Sage-Sautéed Apples, Pop Sauce™

As I am presenting our Pop Sauce to as many wholesale venues as possible, a friend offered me the opportunity to meet with the mangers of a local Upper East Side butcher shop called Fleishers Craft Butchery, in which he is a partner.

They were impressed with Pop Sauce, as I was likewise impressed with the greta-looking selection and wide variety of meats and poultry.

What caught me eye and greatest interest was their mix of fresh ground beef and bacon. I brought some home, and after asking some Facebook friends for suggestions, I decided on making good use of a leftover Honeycrisp apple and some smoked gouda (which, honestly, I grabbed thinking it was my cheddar), and made a nicely seared burger patty from the ground mix, topped it shaved smoked gouda while it cooked so it woujld melted, and placed it in an olive oil-toasted poppy seed bud on top of sliced apples sautéed in butter with salt, pepper, and dried sage.

As was a flatteringly common refrain, a dollop of our very own Pop Sauce provided the by now expected nuanced balance and kick, still letting the burger — richly layered with the natural earthy sweetness of the beef and the slight salt, salt, and flavorful fat of the ground bacon — be the star of every bite.