"Chicken & Toast"

Fried Chicken over Cornbread French Toast

Blueberries, Fried Chicken Drizzl

Over a breakfast plate of chicken wings with waffles (at Lou Mitchell's, a venerably famous diner in Chicago) I wondered if there was a way to put a spin on such a unique staple dish.

An answer was afforded me just moments later as the diner across the diner counter from me received a plate of French toast.

Nine days later my fully realized dish of fried chicken (leg) over French toast made with homemade cornbread, adorned with fresh blueberries, and a healthy pouring of Cheeseboro Kitchens' next product, Fried Chicken Drizzl, a seasoned vinegar-honey sauce.

The cornbread french toast adds layers of sweet and savory comfort, with the nutmeg and cinnamon of the batter foster nostalgia with the all too familiar aromatics. And the Drizzle, of course, finishes each bite with a bit of kicky heat and palate-cleaning acidity.