Apple Pie with Two Cheeses

Golden Delicious Apples, Sharp New York Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Walnut Raisin Oatmeal Granola Topping

I am always open to getting my culinary from any variety of sources. Better yet still from other epicures with the same passion and creative thinking that that informs my dishes in the kitchen.

On a recent visit to a dear friend in Illinois, I had the occasion to meet her boss at work. She knowing that her boss, Eric, and I are both avid chefs and eaters, she steered the conversation to our three-way mutual food passions.

Eric spoke of his twist on the unique classic dessert, apple with cheddar cheese, his version opting to put the cheddar cheese inside the pie as opposed to on top where it commonly sits.

My friend, Laurie, later (once I was back in NYC) suggested adding some smoked gouda (one of my favorite cheese). I seconded the suggestion, and by the time I was prepared to make the pie, I had decided that I would use a walnut raisin granola as a crumble-style topping.

These pics are of the pie a day after I made it. I have yet to perfect a crust that maintains structural integrity after reheating (so I could call it a cobbler, I guess), but the tastes were layered, balanced, aromatic, and evocative of both nostalgia and something unique.

I appreciate the collaborative effort, as I find it more than a slight struggle to give Eric and Laurie their due input credit for something that wound up this delicious. But it would never have existed without them, so "Kudos, all!"