Oatmeal with Blueberries and Pecans

Lemon Curd Creme, Honey

I discuss meals with friends all the time, and they are usually surprised that, when they come to me for inspiration, it is usually they who inspire me.

A dear friend, who needs such inspiration from me, did though inspire me with her take on the oatmeal that she grew up with, her preference of the dish with nuts — pecans — and honey.

Her nostalgic take on oatmeal reminded me that of all the staple breakfast that have been reinvented and/or upscaled, oatmeal is one that has alluded such creative culinary attention.

So I decided to add plump, sweet blueberries to her version, and to "Cheeseboro" it up, made a lemon curd cream to drizzle over the whole dish.

The layered yet balance combination of hot, hearty, sweet, tart, creamy, and crunchy made for an ideal way to warm the body and soul on a chilly autumn morning. I'm now inspired to do great things with my day.